Mid-Year Employment Update

January 29, 2016 2:31 am
The following is a brief summary of a few significant developments. Sierra HR Partners is available to explain these employment updates in further detail and assist in implementing any needed changes.  
Update Effective Date Few Key Points
Healthy Workplace Healthy Family Act of 2014 (AB 1522) also referred to as “State Paid Sick Leave (PSL)”   1/1/2015 notice requirement 7/1/2015 accrual and usage begins   • Review sick, PTO and attendance policies for compliance • Ensure wage statements include at a minimum PSL hours available • Communicate your compliance (and policy changes) to employees timely and via various methods
Heat Illness Prevention   5/1/2015 Amended regs5/14/2015 Enforcement Q&A • Access to shade for all affected workers when it reaches 80 degrees (down from 85) • Potable water defined as fresh, pure, suitably cool, and provided to employees free of charge • Applies to indoor structures where there is limited air circulation or lack of insulation
California Family Rights Act (CFRA)   7/1/2015 Amended regs • Employers have five business days to respond to CFRA leave requests (now aligns with FMLA) • Updated medical certification form. Recertification permitted only when initial cert expires • If employee receives SDI or PFL wage replacement benefits during CFRA leave, employer cannot require use of accrued paid time- off benefits  
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