Do you really know the person you are about to add to your workforce?

Before you hire someone based on his or her impressive resume or shining interview, it’s important to do your homework. Unfortunately, studies show that most applicants often embellish their resumes or stretch the truth about their work and/or educational history. Background investigations are an essential tool in ensuring long-term stability among your staff. That is why we offer a variety of options to verify beneficial information for your business.

Credit history provides insight into an applicant’s reliability and level of responsibility. The report includes information on public filings, an address history, as well as any bankruptcy filings. Sierra HR Partners contracts with a national credit reporting organization to deliver the highest level of accuracy in credit reporting.

County Court Filing History
This search of state records in any county will turn up felony or misdemeanor cases within the last seven years, showing date filed, charges, level of charges, disposition date and final disposition.
Civil Litigation
This search of state court records yields a report on civil litigation involving a particular individual during the past seven years. The results include the names of the parties, case number, date filed, the type of action, and the current status or resolution of the case.
Federal Court Search
This search will disclose civil litigation, criminal actions, and bankruptcy filings. The report will provide details such as the case number, the parties, date of filing, type of action, as well as the current status and resolution of the case.

When job performance requires a specific level of education, this search confirms that an applicant has actually achieved it. You will receive verification of schools attended, diplomas, degrees, certificates and dates of attendance.

Our staff will contact an applicant’s past employers and verify dates of employment, salary, reason for termination, and eligibility for re-hire. Previous supervisors are interviewed to obtain strengths and weaknesses as well as work habits. Using specialized interviewing techniques and industry-specific questions, we can determine whether further inquiry into a specific area is warranted.

This is a must in cases where applicants will be required to operate a motor vehicle. Complete records for the past seven years are available from all states and the District of Columbia. Reports include personal data as well as any offenses/citations.

When a position requires a professional license such as professional engineer, architect, physician, attorney, educator, CPA, etc., Sierra HR Partners will verify that the license is in place in the state required. You will receive a summary, which indicates whether the license is valid.

Fraudulent use of social security numbers is a growing problem. This process will authenticate the name and date of birth associated with the given social security number.

This search will identify individuals and entities excluded from federally–funded health care programs, including Medicare, Medicaid, and all other plans that provide health benefits funded by the United States. Basis for exclusion includes convictions for program-related fraud and patient abuse, licensing board actions, and default on Health Education Assistance Loans.