Why employee feedback is important to your business

December 23, 2015 6:08 pm
Encouraging feedback from your employees can help strengthen your business. But unfortunately, employee feedback is not always easy to come by. Some time ago, while leading a workshop on receiving difficult feedback, we shared how to effectively respond to criticism, particularly when it’s the kind of criticism that’s hurtful, insulting, or in-error. Learning how to respond positively to that correction, even when it’s delivered tactlessly or mean-spiritedly, can bring great professional and personal benefits. At a pause in the presentation, a hand shot up with a question. “Uh, have you done this with our managers yet?” This question is not unusual. In fact, someone will ask it without fail. Most of the room will then nod in agreement. If we respond with, “No, we haven’t done this with management,” someone will usually follow up with, “Well… can you?” It’s not hard to read between the lines. Employees are essentially saying, “I have difficult feedback of my own I’d like to provide to my manager, but I’m not comfortable” (i.e. I’m not sure it would be well received). You may be thinking the same thing. Perhaps you have sincere concerns you would like to address, if only you could be confident that the reaction would be positive. Our team is experienced in preparing and delivering employee satisfaction surveys, focus groups, coaching sessions and goal development. Contact us for more information.
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