HR Headliner November 2021: How Inclusive is Your Holiday Calendar?

November 19, 2021 2:58 pm
As we know, valuing diversity can foster an inclusive and engaged workplace. But have you given any thought to the diversity of your company’s holiday calendar? For most businesses, these celebrations are focused primarily around traditional Christian holidays, however an increasing number of Americans identify as Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, or no religious affiliation.
Here are a few ways to recognize your workplace’s diversity this holiday season:
  • Be sure employees know that holiday parties are not mandatory. Whether for religious reasons or other personal circumstances, some people may prefer to opt out.
  • Consider allowing employees to work on traditional holidays and take a different day off with pay for their own religious celebrations. (Remote work from home may be a great option on these days, when possible.)
  • Allow employees to plan office parties in observance of other religious holidays, and invite staff members to learn more about each other’s cultures. (Again, attendance is always optional.)
  • Take steps to learn more about the religious holidays that may be part of your employees’ lives. It’s great to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, but consider how much your staff members would appreciate proactive recognition of their special celebrations, as well.
Finding ways to not only accommodate, but encourage employees to observe their own religious holidays could be seen as a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining great talent. In a recent study conducted by Yello recruiting software, 83% of candidates consider a diverse workplace to be influential when considering an offer of employment. A 2021 Citrix study found that 86% of employees believe a diverse workforce will become increasingly important over time.
We will be talking about best-practices for office holiday celebrations in our Leadership Academy workshop “Keeping the Jolly in the Holidays” on Wednesday, December 1st. Join us via Zoom to learn more!
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