Document Retention

January 29, 2016 2:35 am
Employment records can really pile up over the years and it may not be clear what you have to retain as an employer, and for how long. To add to the confusion, document retention is governed by multiple acts and California labor codes, including but not limited to FLSA, Title VII, FEHA, ADA, Cal-OSHA and ERISA. The following chart highlights our recommended retention period by document type. Note that this is not an exhaustive list of all recordkeeping requirements, and timeframes may be longer if litigation or potential litigation is involved. Contact one of our HR consultants with any questions or concerns.
Document Retention Period
Applications, resumes, ads, interview notes and assessment forms. 2 years
Employment eligibility (Form I-9) 3 years from date of hire or 1 year following termination, whichever is later.
Training completion records 3 years after termination
Health plan, benefit files, and insurance policies 6 years
Accident and injury reports 5 years
Personnel files 3 years after termination
Workers’ comp claim forms 6 years
Child Labor certificates 3 years
First aid records 5 years
Driving records 3 years
Medical records 5 years
Employment contracts 3 years
Payroll records 4 years
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