HR Headliner: March 2019

March 12, 2019 6:19 pm

March 2019

The Growing Trend of Ghosting… and What You Can Do About It!

Out of hundreds of resumes and applications, one stood out as your ideal candidate. The initial telephone interview was a delight, the in-person interview is scheduled, and you can practically taste the donuts you’ll buy to celebrate the new employee’s first day. But on interview day, the candidate is nowhere to be found and doesn’t respond to your attempts to follow up. You’re frustrated.. you’re disappointed… you’ve been ghosted.

The term “ghosting” may be new to you, but unfortunately, it’s become part of the recruiting lexicon throughout the country. In today’s economy, where there are more job openings than people looking for work, these baffling no-shows are occurring at every level of the organization. Talented candidates are likely fielding multiple interview requests and job offers, and they don’t see the need to stay in touch with an employer they’re no longer interested in. As hiring managers, we complain about the lack of respect for our diligent recruiting efforts, but workers often think of themselves as free agents who owe no loyalty, and may even feel empowered by the fact that they can simply walk away if a better offer comes along.

A big step in reducing your chances of being ghosted by a top candidate is simply recognizing that the recruiting landscape has changed. Job seekers are in the driver’s seat, and we can’t assume that candidates are sitting by their computers and telephones anxiously awaiting contact. Creative new strategies are needed to fill your vacant positions with top talent:

  • Don’t stop the recruiting process once a great candidate has been identified.
  • Continue to screen resumes and conduct phone interviews so you’ll have a full pipeline, if needed. Avoid delays in the hiring process.
  • Candidates are more likely to disappear if they feel the process is taking too long or when interview feedback is not provided.
  • Make sure your compensation package and benefits are competitive in your market, and provide as much information as possible about the expectations of the position, pay and benefits, and company culture.

Don’t become the “ghost” by failing to reach out to non-selected candidates. Demonstrate respect for their time and efforts with prompt updates and well-wishes on their job search.

These steps of transparency and respect can increase the likelihood of receiving the same consideration from your candidates. And don’t stop once the job offer is extended! Continue to engage with them and maintain the excitement about joining your team. Then go pick up the tastiest donuts in town… and enjoy!

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